10 Solid Slang phrases you need to help you understand those Kiwis

Let’s play Lingo Bingo.


Famed for their original slang, the Kiwi’s know how to keep us all on our toes when it comes to daily conversations and general chit chat.


We’ve lifted the lid on our top 10 Kiwi phrases to get your lingo in the know. Have a go and see if you can sound like the locals - we’ve been having fun trying in the UK office, but think we are just going to have to venture over NZ to practice...


1 - Kia Ora | Be Well.

To kick us off we have ‘Kia Ora’. It’s a traditional Maori greeting which translates to ‘Be healthy’ - it is used everyday as a hello, goodbye or a thank you.


2 - Chur | Thanks Bro.

“Looking good today” - “Chur”

Chur is a slang word for thanks. Very conversational - it can, and is, used all the time.


3 - Eh | What.

Pronounced ‘Aye’

At number 3 we have ‘eh’. ‘Eh’ can be a little misleading as it can mean two things...

Firstly it can be a question “It was a good movie eh?”. Or just to mix it up - it can be used as a general statement - “I went to a good movie eh”

I know eh.


4 - Jandals | Flip flops.

Those rubber soled creations you slip on your feet by the pool - ‘Jandals’. At least there isn’t any of that Aussie ‘thong’ confusion here.


5 - Dairy | Convenience store.

“Just popping to the dairy”.

The dairy is the Kiwi term for the local newsagents or corner shop - a place to grab some milk, an ice-cream, loaf of bread or lollies.


6 -Yeah-nah | Nope.

“Yeah-nah, don’t want to go to the dairy bro.”

Yeah-nah is a polite Kiwi way to essentially say no.


7 - It was choice bro! | It was good.

“Choice” is a great and very versatile word used for anything positive - It can mean anything from “good” to “cool” “I understand”  

‘Bro’ is often used for friends or complete randomers and sometimes even for your actual brother. ‘Cuz or ‘Cuzzie’ is also thrown about in the same way. It’s all about those family relations.


8 - Chilly bin | Drinks cooler.

Pronounced ‘Chilly Bun.’

A chilly bin is a large drinks cooler for lugging around those icy cold beverages. A kiwi ‘must have’ on any trip.


9 - Tiki tour | The long way round.

“He took us on a tiki tour”

Tiki tour means that you took the long way to get there, the scenic route - very like the British ‘going round the houses’.


10 - Wop wops | Out in the sticks.

“She lives out in the wops”

The wops means the absolute middle of nowhere. New Zealand has some absolutely epic countryside and if you are going on a trip - then the wops is where you’re going to get some of those incredible views. Just don’t hope for phone signal!


So there you have our Top 10 eh - pretty choice. Let us know any of your favourites we might have missed this time.


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