Application Guide


Our Kiwi and Kiwi application is super easy, from setup to flight. It all fits into 7 steps...


1. Apply Online


The first part is simple: hit that apply button and register your free application.


2. Get Interviewed


One of our friendly Kiwi team will give you a welcome call, answer any questions you may have and book in your initial Skype interview.


How do I book in my interview? 

Once you have filled in the basics on your application, our team will send you the link to our Calendar to schedule your interview at a time convenient for you, once booked we will email you your confirmation and interview guide. Heads up - you’ll need to pay the deposit before the interview.


Who will I be interviewed by?

You’ll be interviewed by one of our Kiwi and Kiwi team members. They’ve been to New Zealand previously and love sharing their own experience and stories with you.


What kind of questions will I be asked?

It's all about you. Tell us about your current job, experience, skills, achievements and why you’d like to join us at Resort in New Zealand. No need to be nervous, we're here to help and check in that have a good application before interviewing with one of our NZ employers.


3. Upload your documents


Prior to interviewing with our awesome Kiwi employers, you will be required to upload a few documents. You can even upload your documents directly from your mobile.


  • Self-declaration medical form
  • At least one professional reference
  • Copy of your passport


4. Get the job


You are now ready to interview with Kiwi employers. Exciting eh.


  • Our Kiwi Summer hiring fairs run from August through September.
  • Our Kiwi Winter hiring fairs run from March through April.


All interviews with employers are completed via skype, we will work with you to book your interview slot on a date and time that’s convenient.  

We offer of support before all interviews to make sure you are fully prepped and ready.



5. Apply for your Visa


You'll be going on a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, the process is simple and completed online.

We’ll guide you all the way through your Visa application. With your Kiwi and Kiwi job role - you’ll apply for the Working holiday visa, giving you up to 12 months to work and travel in New Zealand.  

The cost of the Working Holiday Visa is approximately £115.


6. Book your flights


Our awesome flight’s team will be there to help you when trying to find the best price for your flights. They can offer some great quotes for flights to New Zealand. Compare our quote to other flight prices and the choice of who to book your flights with is yours.


7. Attend Orientation


Hop off the plane knowing that your first few of days of accommodation are booked and your airport transfer is all taken care of.

We’ve got a great orientation in store for you during your first few days of arriving in NZ. The orientation is there to help you settle in smoothly, it’s also an awesome opportunity to meet other Kiwi participants and learn more about the area.



Embrace that Kiwi life

Kia ora! Welcome. Enjoy every second, it goes fast.


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