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If you’re looking to take part in our Resort Jobs programme you’ll need to apply for your NZ Working Holiday Visa. If you’re aged between 18-30 years old, you can apply for 12 months (or 23 months for UK applicants only). You can also stay for a shorter time period, i.e. 4 months, it’s entirely your choice. The visa cost is approximately £115 and you can apply for your visa through the New Zealand immigration website.

The process is entirely online and is usually approved within a few days. Once you’ve secured your job, we’ll help you secure your visa and give you all the advice you need.

Apply New Zealand working holiday visa is as easy as ABC, watch the below video and you will know what to do to apply your New Zealand working holiday visa!

To be eligible for the visa you must

  • Hold a valid U.K. passport (You can check here to see if your country is eligible for the NZ working holiday visa schemes)
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years old (18-35 only if you are from Argentia, Chile, Uruguay)
  • Hold a return ticket, or have sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket
  • Have a minimum of $350 NZD per month of your intended stay available to meet your living costs whilst you're there
  • Meet the health & character requirements
  • Not have been approved a visa permit under a New Zealand working holiday scheme before

A few things to know about your Working Holiday Visa

  • You can only take up temporary employment during your stay (unless you apply for and are granted an ordinary work permit whilst you're there)
  • You can only work for a period of 12 months or 23 months
  • You can enroll in one or more courses of training or study of up to six months duration in total during your gap year in New Zealand
  • If you apply for the balance of the 23-month period if you choose a 12-month visa and wish to extend your stay. Apply by paper form when you are in New Zealand.
  • Provide a medical certificate and/or chest x-way to extend if you didn't provide these when you applied for your first working holiday visa.

Apply for the New Zealand working holiday visa here:

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