Our gap year program makes it straightforward to work and travel in New Zealand. In true Kiwi style, we are very flexible with how you want to pay.

Secure your placement with a deposit and we'll personalise the rest of the plan.

program costs

Flight included, plus...
  • Guaranteed pre-departure employer interviews (get a gap year job before depart)
  • Three night hostel stay with breakfast
  • Airport pick up
  • Queenstown orientation & set up
  • Guidance with obtaining your IRD (tax)
  • Bank account appointment booked for your arrival
  • Big night out voucher
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Accomodation guidance
  • Free ski season pass (winter season)
  • Free ski lessons
Deposit £99
Payment options available. *Flight included is one-way.

non kiwi and kiwi fees

New Zealand Visa - Approx. £125

Medical Insurance - Please seek quote

2 payment options

Choose to pay before you go or pay while your working.

Everything we do, has you in mind. With different payment plans available. Choose what works best for you.

Speak to a team member today to find out more.


Do I still have to pay the full amount even if I don't receive a job offer?

No. You will only be charged the initial deposit which covers our costs of helping prepare your application and setting up your guaranteed job interview.

Do I have to go for the whole year?

No. Although your working holiday visa will be vaild for 12 months; the duration of your trip is completely up to you. You should ensure you are available to work for a minimum period of 4 months.

Is accomodation included?

Accomodation is included for the first three nights of your arrival. You'll be provided with an accomodation guide and have access to our Kiwi and Kiwi Facebook page allowing you to connect with other participants who are heading out to New Zealand at the same time. We suggest booking at least an extra 7 nights of accomodation at your hostel to give you adequate time to find some more permanent accomodation.

Who can apply?

We're accepting applications from the UK, USA and Germany. If you are outside of these countries feel free to get in touch and we'll see how we can help you.

How do I apply for the right visa?

You'll need to apply for the Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) visa via the New Zealand Immigration website. The UK has an unlimited number of visas available to 18-30 years old. Your visa application is completed entirely online without having to physically visit an embassy.

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