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What's Included

When you head to New Zealand with Kiwi and Kiwi, you're guarenteeing a job before you go.

We offer and organise pre-departure interviews with top employers, so you can fly with absolutely no fears about your gap year.


Arriving in a new location can be intimidating. With our arrival orientation you'll be set up to hit the ground running.

We organise your arrival accommodation, help set up your bank with a pre-arranged bank appointment. Will provide tax (IRD) application assistance and social events.

We're also here to help you find your permanent accommodation digs and make sure you feel comfortable to go out and get going.

The security Kiwi & Kiwi can provide is honestly unrivaled. To know you have your flight and your job sorted before leaving, let’s you plan ahead. I went without a job for the first few weeks, and it definitely left me with a few sleepless nights before sorting one!

New Zealand Seasonnaire

Flights are all part of the package with Kiwi and Kiwi.

With our own in house flights team we'll guarantee your flight fare within our price plan, no unexpected flight price jumps.

You can budget and plan for your trip and know that your full itinerary will be taken care of by our experts.

the job

The job is the best and most important perk of the Kiwi and Kiwi package.

When you go to work in New Zealand there's always the risk that you might not get a job.

Imagine heading all the way out, to half way round the world, and then having to come straight back...

Here Kiwi and Kiwi we've heard the stories and we vowed never to let that happen. Your gap year deserves to be amazing, and your job is an important part of that.

Choose to work in a ski job, customer service or hospitality job in New Zealand.

We have the best of all the categories in some pretty epic places.

Get your job before you go.

top resorts

We work with the top 5 ski fields in New Zealand.

When you head out to New Zealand you'll know you're guaranteeing epic locations.

Choose where you'd like to work and play. New Zealand resorts are unique in that you still live in the cities, so you get to have a unique balance of resort life and ski towns.

Check out our resorts and ski fields.


An epic experience

We're based in the UK and in Queenstown. Meaning we're on the ground with you.

Whether you're applying or out living the dream, we're always on hand to help. 24/7.

Our team have also all worked a season, meaning they know exactly what to expect.

Get expert treatment from the experts themselves.

ski pass

With Kiwi and Kiwi, you'll get a free ski season ski pass for the duration of your contract. Normally coming in at a minimum of $600, you can promise yourself the slopes when you head to NZ with us.

Start the ultimate working holiday adventure