What's Included?



What’s Included?

  • Guaranteed interview with NZ employer/s before departure (Secure your job before you go)

  • Airport pick up

  • Three nights hostel stay with breakfast

  • Visa application support

  • Guidance obtaining your IRD (Unique tax number to get paid)

  • Bank account appointment set up for your arrival

  • Accommodation assistance

  • Big night out voucher

  • Mobile phone sim card

  • Mail holding and forwarding service

  • NZ travel info


Not Included

  • Flights

  • Working Holiday Visa ($208 NZD)

  • Living expenses


You may have noticed we keep mentioning the ‘getting a job before you go’… but it’s because we really want you to know about it - it’s a pretty special perk of going with us.

Other New Zealand jobs abroad will wait until you arrive - and we want to remove any risk.

Go with us, guarantee that interview and fly worry free.


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