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Customer Service Jobs

With most of the job roles being within the tourism industry, being a customer facing superstar is essential to be placed in these roles. They can span different industries, but those people who thrive in dealing ith new people in a dynamic environment will slot in to any of them easily.

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Ticket Sales

Whether it’s the best gear, the best classes or info about what’s happening on and off the mountain, you're clued up and ready to share it. The aim is to make life simple for your guests, get their tickets out for the day quickly and ensure they get maximum exposure to the slopes.

It’s one big team, so teamwork and a fun and friendly attitude is definitely required.

Find out how to become a customer service agent in New Zealand

Collecting payment for goods and services, handling cash and card transactions, balancing the books and stock each day and offering excellent customer service are all part of your day job.

Cashiers could be working in a range of departments including ticket sales, food and beverages and the gift shop.

Find out how to become a cashier in New Zealand

Acting as the entry point for the business, a receptionist is required to have an exceptional customer service manner, whilst being an incredibly organised force.

Find out how to become a receptionist in New Zealand

With efficient and friendly service being at the forefront of any store activity, those working in retail are incredibly important to the success of any store.

Find out how to have a retail job in New Zealand

Find out how to have a retail job in New Zealand
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