What is the program?

Our Kiwi and Kiwi winter programme is one of the U.K's leading ways to spend a season or more living in New Zealand on a working holiday visa. The summer programme starts between May and July and allows you to work in some of New Zealands most renowned ski resorts in a variety of on slope and off-slope roles


What do we do?

The Kiwi and Kiwi programmes are designed to bridge the gap between working travel and adventure, making your life easier to find work in New Zealand. What we're here to do is help you with everything from the minute you apply to the moment you fly back from New Zealand. This includes setting your up with guaranteed interviews with a variety of employers, landing you a dream job and to assist you with flights, travel and visa paperwork. We even go the extra mile to help you secure good accommodation, book your airport transfers and assist you with setting up your banking and tax support. 


Why go with us?

Our Kiwi and Kiwi team are passionate about our programme and take time to get to know every participant on our programmes. 

As well as our U.K office we also have a New Zealand office that is located right in the heart of Queenstown. This means we know the locals, we are the locals and we're based in the thick of the action. Our team work hard and play harder and we’ll be your in country support team during your time down under. Having us here to support you means that you always have a friendly face to go to in times of need. We know the best spots in town and we can give you working holiday advice on anything from the best ways to get around or how to handle an issue with your employer.


What benefits are there?

New Zealand has one of the best lifestyles in the world and a climate to match. Where you'll be living is full of rugged mountains, majestic lakes, beautiful forestry, crystal clear water and sandy beaches. When you're not working at the resort you can find time to explore and discover this adventure capital of the world. You'll be able to go bungee jumping, water-skiing, caving, jet-boating, skydiving, surfing and hiking. It's an opportunity to try new things and make it a true travel experience.

By going through Kiwi and Kiwi you'll also get the added benefits of agency safety and security, we're here 24/7 if you ever need us. You will get access to our network group to meet adventure driven people just like you so you can start making things happen the moment you land in New Zealand.



Why visit New Zealand?

New Zealand offers extraordinary beauty, a pristine environment and some of the southern hemisphere’s best ski slopes. While the filming of Lord of the Rings introduced many people to this beautiful little country, it still feels like a well kept secret. Roughly around the size of the UK, with a population of only around 4.5 million compared to the 64.5 million currently residing in the UK, New Zealand offers space and a feeling of times gone by. Split into two islands, the North and South, the majority of the population reside in the nation’s capital Auckland. With tropical paradises in the far north, spectacular mountain ranges and glaciers in the south and enough adventure activities to satisfy even the most extreme of travellers...this truly is a unique corner of the world. 


Check out this video to see how amazing New Zealand really is.

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